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Open Graph Extensions with SPFx

Following on from my previous post titled “ Using Microsoft Graph Open Extensions with PowerApps ” I challenged myself to recreate the same example using a SPFx web part. To read more about what Open Graph Extensions are please read the previous post. How did the experience compare? Although creating a SPFx web part is markedly different and requires coding skills compared to a low code solution such as PowerApps, there are some benefits; ·        You don’t need to create a Azure App Registration ·        You don’t need to create Custom Connectors ·        You don’t need a premium PowerApps Licence You can view the full solution via the link below, but here are the most important elements of the web part; Graph Scopes The following graph permissions are required and will need to be approved in the API Permissions; ·        User.Read ·        User.ReadWrite Graph Calls The web part makes the following four Graph calls; Create Creates an Open Graph Extension named “com.bestranet.roamin
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Using Microsoft Graph Open Extensions with PowerApps

This blog will cover how to create a lightweight application that will Create, Read, Update and Delete user profile data in Microsoft Graph by extending the “user” resource. Firstly, let us cover what exactly Graph Extensions are. Graph Extensions allow us to extend several graph resources, such as “user” and “message”, to capture additional data that we may need for our own application, without having to rely on an external data source. One benefit of using Graph Extensions over methods such as local storage is the roaming capability. Also, because the application properties are stored in the Graph, they can be leveraged across the whole Microsoft 365 platform. Because I am an aviation geek we will use “favorite aircraft” as an example scenario. Here is the high-level objective. A user can create, read, update and delete a property named “plane” The selection is saved as an extended property in the Microsoft Graph. Getting started Because we are interacting with the Mi