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Create Customized Adaptive Cards for Power Automate Approvals in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently released a fantastic new feature with which we can action approval requests directly in Teams. This is great news, and no doubt moves us further away from the days of having to trawl through our email to locate an old approval request. But, what customization options are available for approval requests? Can we change the way these look? And can we create our own version of the approval adaptive cards? This blog covers how you can create a customized version of the adaptive card for Power Automate approvals. So, how does it work? Firstly, we need to look at the json payload that generates the out-of-the-box approval adaptive card. This can be extracted by initiating a variable of type string and then adding and configuring a “ Create an approval ” action. We will then set the value of our variable to “ Teams Adaptive Card”. Our flow should look like the following If we now test run the flow and check the value of our variable, we should see the json payload in the &q

Replace Power Automate Approval Emails with Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft recently released a personal app for Approvals within Teams. Please review this before investing time implementing something customized. If you are still interested in creating a custom adaptive card for an approval process check out the following blog for which this blog is a good precursor. With Microsoft Teams becoming an increasingly dominant force in collaboration, and one objective being the reduction of email, this blog covers how you can simply replace approval email notifications with dynamic adaptive cards in Teams. So, how does it work? I have created a sample SharePoint list using the “ Travel requests ” template and associated it with my Team as shown below. Within Microsoft Power Automate I have created an “ Automated cloud flow ” using the “ When an item is created ” trigger. The next step is to add the “ Create an approval ” action. I have personally configured this action as follows. Notice how I have set the “ Enable notifications ” to “ No ”. This wil