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Open Graph Extensions with SPFx

Following on from my previous post titled “ Using Microsoft Graph Open Extensions with PowerApps ” I challenged myself to recreate the same example using a SPFx web part. To read more about what Open Graph Extensions are please read the previous post. How did the experience compare? Although creating a SPFx web part is markedly different and requires coding skills compared to a low code solution such as PowerApps, there are some benefits; ·        You don’t need to create a Azure App Registration ·        You don’t need to create Custom Connectors ·        You don’t need a premium PowerApps Licence You can view the full solution via the link below, but here are the most important elements of the web part; Graph Scopes The following graph permissions are required and will need to be approved in the API Permissions; ·        User.Read ·        User.ReadWrite Graph Calls The web part makes the following four Graph calls; Create Creates an Open Graph Extension named “com.bestranet.roamin